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Please note that at this time, Lucid Vision Games is not open to integrations of any 3rd party SDK's.


Many of these games transmit and store a small amount of non-personal data on a secure server.

A gamer who plays daily may see a close to 1 MB of data used by this transmission process in a months time.

Lucid Vision Games does not collect any data capable of identifying the individual, location or any personal information without prior concent and knowledge of the user. Personal information is never transmitted with the exception of "hashed and encrypted" username and password credentials when initially signing in to our leader-board within the game.

All data transmitted is small in size and sent over a secure encrypted protocol to prevent tampering. A unique identifier for the app installation is transmitted for the purpose of allowing Lucid Vision Games to "queue for download" lost game saves, or in-app purchases to the players' device, which is only downloaded upon running the game. All data collected by Lucid Vision Games is discarded after 2 months of inactivity unless the player sign's up for backup restoration through a Data Management screen. Lucid Vision Games does not share any information with any third parties and has encrypted the small amount of personally identifiable information used for member registration.

The data transmitted and it's uses are as follows:

 - Game Saves and Purchased In-App items
(this include weapons, missions completed and other game specific data that does not in any way identify the individual playing the game. This data is transmitted solely for the purpose of giving the player the ability to restore their progress and purchases in the event their device or data is lost due to damage, uninstallation, etc...)

 - Leader-Board data
(this information includes points, kills, deaths, etc... Leader-board data is only transmitted while players are intentionally signed-in to the Lucid Vision Games leader-board using a free member account)